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West Virginia vs Texas: Statistical Match Up

I was very surprised to see that Texas is a 2 point favorite vs. West Virginia. Yes Texas has the home field advantage, but overall West Virginia is a better team and has the advantage in 13 statistical categories compared to 8 for Texas. I would have West Virginia as a 2 Point favorite in this game. Vegas usually knows something that most people do not , which may justify their Texas -2 Line.

Here is the side by side look at West Virginia vs. Texas... Please subscribe to get more free previews and stories from Ace Football Analytics. Also visit our gamely store , as new items are being added daily.If you want a game breakdown like this, please email me

WVU advantage scoring Off & Defense. Texas slight advantage in rush Off. but both run defenses are strong

Pass Offense and Pas Defense favors WVU. Total Def Favors UT but not by much

3rd Downs off & Def favor WVU also tackles for loss gained and allowed. West Virginia giving up too many sacks per game

Red Zone Defense is major advantage for Texas while WVU scores in the RZ. Who ever wins the Red Zone matchup will win. WVU make more big plays

Only category here worth noting is Turnover Margin where Texas has the edge

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