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Georgia vs Kentucky: Side by Side Statistical Breakdown

The SEC Game of the Year, well at least until 8 PM Saturday night is the Georgia at Kentucky game. As I had done previously with the Alabama vs. LSU matchup, I wanted to provide you, the fans with a side by side statistical comparison of the two teams..

I decided to take this one a step further and create an easy to follow infographic to go along with the comparison, so you can see who has the advantage in each statistical category. If you follow down the list, you will see the offensive categories on the left and the defensive categories on the right, followed by a few miscellaneous categories at the bottom. To the right of each statistical category you will see either a Georgia Logo or a Kentucky Logo, depending on who has the statistical advantage for that Category. If I feel the advantage is minimal or even, I placed an = sign next to that category.

In all total Georgia has an advantage in 11 Categories compared to 6 for Kentucky. In addition, 6 categories were determined to be equal according to my analysis.

My intention is not to tell you who to pick but to simply provide you with enough information to either make the pick yourself or do a little research before blindly accepting someone else’s pick.

I hope you enjoy the side by side comparison and good luck this weekend with whoever you are rooting for.

Can Kentucky hold down UGA's scoring offense, Can Kentucky control with their run game?

Clear advantage for UGA in the pass game. Can Kentucky shut them down?

Kentucky can sack the QB & create tackles for Loss. Georgia holds the advantage on 3rd Downs

Great UGA Red Zone Offense vs. Great Kentucky Red Zone Defense Bg Plays favor UGA., although both teams do a nice job limiting big plays by opponents

If it comes down to Field Goals UGA has the clear edge. UGA also holds the edge in Turnover Margin

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