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"Air Force Grounds San Jose: Two Passes, 35 Unanswered Points, and Triumph"

In a resounding victory, the Air Force Falcons triumphed over San Jose State with a commanding score of 45-20, propelled by their dominant rushing attack, which accumulated an impressive 400 yards on 73 attempts. This imposing ground game showcased the talents of two exceptional running backs, Emmanuel Michel and John Lee Eldridge III, both achieving the coveted 100-yard rushing milestone. Michel carried the ball an astounding 33 times, accumulating a remarkable 148 yards and securing three touchdowns, while Eldridge added 102 yards on just 10 carries, resulting in two touchdowns. The Falcons' ground dominance was so pronounced that their quarterback, Zac Larrier, made a mere two passing attempts, completing both for a total of 28 yards.

San Jose State Jumps Out To Early Lead

Notably, San Jose State exhibited strong performance in the early stages of the game, holding a 20-10 lead in the second quarter. Nevertheless, Air Force displayed remarkable patience and unwavering commitment to their game plan, confident that their physical running style would eventually wear down the Spartan defense. This patience bore fruit as the Falcons embarked on a remarkable scoring spree, tallying an astounding 35 unanswered points to secure an authoritative victory.

Air Force Takes Control

As the game unfolded, Air Force's prowess on the ground became increasingly evident. After initially falling behind early, the Falcons dominated the second half, controlling possession for nearly the entire third and fourth quarters. They orchestrated four scoring drives, including two impressively time-consuming possessions that devoured over 15 minutes of game clock. One particular highlight was a 13-play, 71-yard touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, where every single play was executed on the ground. Remarkably, Air Force refrained from attempting a single pass throughout the entire second half, en route to their 35 unanswered points. Their discipline and commitment to the rushing attack were evident, converting on 10 out of 15 third-down attempts and achieving a perfect 3-for-3 on fourth-down conversions, all while avoiding any turnovers.

Air Force's performance on this memorable night showcased a level of ground dominance and discipline rarely seen in football. Their unwavering commitment to the ground game and their remarkable ability to convert crucial downs underlined their prowess.

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