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#1 Total Defense vs #2 Total Offense: Side by Side statistical match up

The info graphic below shows the matchup between the Number # 1 Ranked Total Defense of Michigan vs the #2 Ranked Total Offense of Ohio State. In addition, I have added a side by side statistical breakdown along with which team has the advantage in each category.

Although it looks to be a classic Offense vs Defense matchup, Michigan has quietly put up some big numbers on offense as well. The deciding factor here will be which team can do more of what they do well on offense. Ohio State can expose Michigans Pass Defense but can Ohio State stop the running game of Michigan?

Both teams do a nice job of limiting sacks and TFLs. This could come down to Ohio States ability to avoid sacks. If they get time to throw, Michigans Pass Def is beatable. Red Zone is interesting as Michigan gives up a lot of TD's in the Red Zone, although teams have a very tough time getting into the RZ. Their RZ defense is ranked poorly because of the high scoring % from their opponents but when you look at the opportunities, they are low. When Ohio State gets in the RZ , they need to score TD's.

This game may come down to Big Plays & Turnovers. Ohio State scores a ton of big plays & Michigan doesn't give up many, so whoever wins this battle may win the game. As with many rivalry games, Turnovers and Field Goals usually play a big part.

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